It is better to book a London escort than having my girlfriend to accompany me

I am happy with my girlfriend, I love her so much, but there are times I think of I feel choked by the relationship. I don’t want her to let her go because she means so much to me. There are times that I can’t do things because she does not want me too. She always gets jealous every time I meet my friends or even in the family. She is still suspicious of every girl I talk and put malice to it. I know she loves me and wants to protect our relationship from harm.


I met Melissa at school. She was a transfer from New York. Her family moves here to London because her dads work based here. They had loved the country and decided to live here for good. Our first meeting was not good; it was in the restaurant. There is the only table left and did not know that she is the first one there and she goes to the comfort room. And because I do not have any idea, I sit there and order. She went back to the table and told me that she was the one on the table. I fight for it since I already order and there is no vacant. She was starving and it’s her favorite restaurant. But I did not allow her to take the table, and she goes away very frustrated. I did not expect that she enrolled in the same school, like when I was in the class, there is a late woman came over. I told myself  “I  think I met this woman” and when she looked at me, she rolled her eyes. Yes, that was the woman in the restaurant. She is indeed a smart girl, always on top one and pride of the school. I am slow in class, and for me not to retake the subject,  the teacher appointed Mellisa to help me. And since she has a bad experience with me, I think of surprising her every day until she smoothes her heart for me. Until one day, we get very comfortable and get along. It was the start of our friendship until we became a couple. I am lucky with her; she is always there when I needed the most. I feel like she becomes controlling and set the rules in the relationship.


After college, we decided to live together. We work for a different company and most of the time we fight for her jealousy. I am loyal to her but I do not know why she can’t trust me. There was an event in the company; I asked her if she wants to go and escort me. She said that she would be going to her hometown. And since we are not on good terms, I decided to book a London escort. I find her very professional at work and kind. It was a fun day for me without stress and evil thoughts. It is better to book a sexy London escort than having my girlfriend to accompany me

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