Keeping Sexy Figure with London escorts

London escorts from are always keen to keep those sexy figures, but keeping a sexy figure takes a lot of hard work. I know exactly what London escorts go through as I am a bit of a fitness fanatic. To be honest, unlike London escorts my primary concern is not to keep my sexy figure, it keeping fit. However, as I said to my friends who work as London escorts, the benefit is that I look good at the same time.


 London Escorts
London Escorts

Some of the London escorts said they get fed up with keeping a sexy figure, so I suggested to the London escorts that they focus on staying healthy instead. Like I said to the London escorts, a healthy body is often a sexy body. I have to say that the majority of the London escorts agreed with me.


Eating right


Eating the right diet is important, and I must admit I avoid fatty foods, and foods loaded with sugar. The main enemy to our good health may not be fat, but it is certainly sugar. Sugar is really bad for us as it is just empty calories.


I try really hard to stay away from sugary foods, and I check the contents of all the food that I buy. I much prefer natural ingredients, and I cook most of our own food. This is a ready made free household, and we never buy over produced food. That certainly helps to keep us healthy, and we eat a lot more nutritious food that way as well. A high energy food does not need to be full of sugar and fat, it needs to be fresh.


Exercising for better health


I run a lot and that has helped to keep my legs nice, and tummy flat. Aerobic exercise is vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy, sexy figure and there are many different types. Running is great, but spinning can do wonders for you as well. I am a great believer in cross exercise, doing different exercises, so three times per week I spin for an hour.


I am not into sit ups, and have never done a sit up in my entire life. But, I do love yoga and practice yoga at least one hour every day. It lets be use my body’s natural resistance, and I never build bulky muscles. My favorite type of yoga is hot yoga, and I do that about three times per week.


It is a great way to build up energy, and sweat out some toxins. During the summer we are outside a lot, and I love this like paddle boarding. Great all over body exercise, and you get a tan as well. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is important, and I know firmly believe that a dog is great for exercise.


There are many different breeds, and you find one that fits your level of activity. If you are very active, you need an active breed but any dog breed will make you exercise. The level is up to you to decide.


Keeping fit and maintaining a sexy figure, should be enjoyable as well.

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