My friends often ask me why I date Chingford escorts

To be honest, I am not always sure myself but I do know that I have a slight addiction to sexy girls. I never used to date escorts but my recent divorce has turned everything on its head. In a way I think it would be nice to have a girlfriend but I am not so sure that I can handle the hassle. So many things happened after my divorce and I need to put them right in my head. That is not the easiest thing to do when you are 54 years old.

The biggest problem I have is finances. I have lost my home and had to use saving to buy another one. Going out on dates with ladies can sometimes be more expensive than dating Chingford escorts of Eating out in London is not cheap and I have to watch my pennies. I have a small mortgage which I need to pay off before I am 60 years old. I also lost part of my pension pot to my wife, so I need to build that up again. Starting a new relationship could really deplete my current resources and I don’t need that.

emotional moments with chingford escorts

On top of that I don’t really feel that I can trust women. It is just really tough at the moment and I feel betrayed. Most women probably are not like my ex wife but the niggling doubt is still there. My divorce came to me at a huge emotional cost and I am not sure that I will be able to form new relationships. Some of my friends have suggested that I visit a counselor and that could be a good idea. At the moment the only counseling that I am getting is from Chingford escorts but it feels good to me.

I have also discovered that I enjoy personal time. Company is nice but my home as become my sanctuary and castle. This is the place where I lick my wounds and just enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Very few people have been to my new home and even my favorite Chingford escorts have not been there. At the moment I am always doing incalls back at their places. Somehow I don’t want to get too close and personal to any one at the moment, it just does not feel right for me.

I don’t know what the future holds. For the time being I am content to carry on dating my Chingford escorts. It feels comfortable for me. Hopefully in the future I will be able to start to think about more serious relationships but I am not up to it at the moment. It is a strange feeling but I sort of feel betrayed by the entire world. How I am going to put this right I don’t know. When you are in your 50’s and your wife has an affair with a younger man, it is not always easy to get your life back.

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