My Girlfriend Does not Like Oral Sex

How can I convince my girlfriend that to give me oral sex? I have this thing about oral sex, and I would my girlfriend to give me oral sex. She says that it is disgusting and that she has no attention of giving me oral sex at all. The thing is that I really like my girlfriend and I don’t want to drop her. My sister works for cheap London escorts and she says that she has ton of girlfriends who are not into oral sex. I am not sure what to do, but would love to have oral sex.

Why are some ladies not into oral sex? Lots of girls actually don’t like oral sex because they are worried that the man is going to cum in their mouths. That may be the basic idea behind oral sex, but that does not mean that you have to come in your partner’s mouth. If this idea puts your partner off, try using something like a flavored condom. They are great for oral sex, and I know that many of my friends at cheap London escorts use them when they give head to their partners.

The other thing that a lot of girls are concerned about is the man going to far down in the throat of the woman. It can easily happen when you are excited and is not a very good feeling for most women. Some women are really good at giving deep head but the majority of my girlfriends at cheap London escorts are very reluctant to do so. I am not keen myself so I give my boyfriend a blow job, and only go so far.

Would you be prepared to change? I know that there are a lot of girls out there who are really good and hand jobs. Have you had a hand job recently? It may not be the perfect solution for you but it would perhaps bring you some sensation of a blow job. If you make your girlfriend sit astride you, and use plenty of oil, or lubricant, you may indeed get that feeling of a blow job. Close your eyes and use your imagination. I know many girls here at cheap London escorts who says that hand jobs are now the new inn.

The great thing about hand jobs, is that you get the chance to massage the testicles as well. Have you ever had a testicle massage? A testicle massage done in the right sort of way can be a real turn on. Personally I love giving testicle massages. One of the girls here at cheap London escorts taught me and now my boyfriend gets seriously turned on by them. It could be something that you should think about trying. Both hand jobs and testicle massages are becoming very popular, and you will find that they can be a very satisfying experience. And they are good for you. Did you know that a testicle massage can help you to increase sperm production and is good for the prostate gland as well.

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