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People like to get up to all sorts of activities in the bedroom. Some things everyone can understand while other things are a little more mysterious. What works for certain people may not work for everyone. This is the exactly the case when it comes to sex videos and filming yourself during the most passionate moments. Why would someone want to film themselves while having sex or engaging in other bedroom escapades? Is it normal to do this and is this something that you should consider trying, if you are not doing it already? Let’s try and clear up the issue.

Allowing yourself to be filmed during your most vulnerable moments requires a great deal of trust. It is the sort of content that you probably wouldn’t wish anyone else to see, which begs the question, why would you want it on video in the first place? For one, it is because it shows a great deal of trust between two people if the sex that you have is recorded. Secondly, it means that you have content to arouse yourself with if you are not with your partner at a certain time, such as when they are away on business. This means that, despite their absence, you still have some personal content to enjoy yourself with.

Some people simply consider themselves to be exhibitionists. In addition to filming their sex, they may wish to make it available to others by uploading it on websites. These people are obviously very confident and open about their sexuality that they do not mind others seeing it. After all, there is no punishment to allowing somebody else to see you at your most intimate moments. It is fair to say that exhibitionism is more of a fetish than a mainstream activity – it certainly isn’t for everyone – but it’s far from rare either. For some, it turns them on even more if they are being watched (or if they know that they are going to be watched).

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why someone may wish to film themselves while having sex and there is nothing wrong at all with doing so. One should not feel guilty for wanting to record their most intimate moments. However, there are a few precautions that they should take to ensure that things don’t go wrong. Only do it with people you trust and ensure that you always know where the footage is. You may not want other people seeing it.

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